“To ascertain, every devotee is spiritually happy, materially well-positioned, and positively identifies with ISKCON as a caring society, where they

  1.  Responsibly look after their diverse needs
  2.  Can comfortably seek qualified assistance
  3.  Can wholeheartedly extend the same care to others

And to facilitate this vision, as part of the mission of Devotee Care initiative, we strive to

  1.  Ensure that the Vaishnava virtue of care pervades all aspects of the ISKCON Society.
  2.  Support and provide specific care services that enhance the spiritual, emotional, physical and social well-being of all ISKCON members.

To facilitate the Spiritual Care element of the above mission, the Devotee Care Education presents all the certified online courses within ISKCON on this website. These courses have been appropriately placed in the following Learning Pathways: Scriptures, Skills, and Spiritual Practices.

Spiritual life is one of the critical areas of devotee care (other being Healthcare (Physical); Healthcare (Mental / Emotional); Marriage, Sex and Relationships; Child-rearing and Child-care; Education; Career and Employment; Finance; Housing; Travel and Immigration; Consumer and Lifestyle; Legal and Civic; Mediation Advice).

The primary needs and challenges in the area of Spiritual Care to help practising devotees are to

  1.  Overcome doubts
  2.  Create strong faith
  3.  Develop strong sadhana
  4.  Be able to follow regulative principles
  5.  Improve the quality of association and trust in authority figures

To facilitate the above, we have brought together various courses run by different ISKCON institutions in the area of Scriptures, Spiritual practices and Skills, and made it accessible from this one website

Please Note – These websites were already existing, and we have simply made an earnest & humble effort to bring them on one platform to facilitate better accessibility.

LEVEL 1 – Introductory courses for newcomers to Bhakti Yoga
LEVEL 2 – Intermediate courses for practitioners of Bhakti Yoga
LEVEL 3 – Developmental courses for practitioners of Bhakti Yoga
LEVEL 4 – Advanced courses for practitioners of Bhakti Yoga